Введение конструкции there is are

Фрагмент урока с использованием ИКТ в 3 классе по УМК

Верещагиной И.Н., Притыкиной Т.А.

Введение грамматической конструкции there is/are.

Look at the blackboard and listen to the story. (Дети смотрят на картинку и прослушивают текст)

         I have a friend. His name is Sam.  Sam has a small house. He has a hall, a kitchen and a room.

      You see his room. It is small but nice. There are two windows in the room. There is a bed, a table, two armchairs, a TV and a mirror in the room. There is a blue carpet on the floor. The walls are yellow. Sam likes to read. He has very interesting books. There are ten books on the shelf. He likes his room.

Какую конструкцию использует автор для описания комнаты?

Look at the blackboard and compare. Скажите в чем различия этих предложений?

Как вы думаете, почему в одних предложения используется there is, а в других there are?

There is a table in the room. There are tables in the room.

There is a picture on the wall. There are pictures on the wall.

There is a book on the table. There are books on the table.

Действительно с единственным числом используется there is, а с множественным there are. Look at the black board. (смотрим слайды презентации и выполняем задания).

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